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Monday, December 24, 2012

24th Day of Christmas

The Littlest Things Make Magic

Me: Morning Matthew.
Matthew: <Looking to find Daddy, then crying when he realized that Daddy is at work.>
Me: I miss him, too!  I wish he was home with us. Don't worry, he will try to be home earlier tonight.
Matthew: (perking up after realizing what today is) It's Monday and tomorrow is Christmas!
Me: I know! It's so exciting! What do you want to do today?
Matthew: I want to go to the park to play in the sand.

Fast forward through early morning Mommy and Matthew hair cuts, picking up lunches to take to the park, chatting about our day in texts with Daddy...

Huddled together at the park (It was chilly!) eating our take-out lunch and who pulls up to the park to surprise us at 2 pm? Daddy! He said he'd been 'following us' since our hair cut pic/text. At one point, I remember him texting asking, "Where are you now?" but I was driving so didn't answer it immediately.  I remember thinking he must have been lonely at work and was just asking to be connected with Matthew and I. When we arrived at the park, I texted a pic of Matthew and I eating lunch. Minutes later, he pulled up.

It is the littlest things that make magic.

Christmas Eve Dinner

Matthew's advent activity for today was to build a gingerbread house together with Mommy and Daddy. He was excited to do it but even more excited when he saw that it was a gingerbread train.

A gingerbread train? This would be minor detail to most...a major deal to him.

We have Christmas Eve dinner at my Mom's house so we took the gingerbread kit along with us. It was the perfect place to put together. Matthew had a little bit of help from many hands.

Family was the magic of my evening. 

Where do you find magic?

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