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Sunday, December 2, 2012

1st and 2nd Days of Christmas

Since this the first year Matthew has an advent calendar he just wanted to open all the presents on it. We told him he could only open one a day and that they were to celebrate the countdown to Christmas. We tried explaining that they weren't "presents" but more like things to do together. Anyway, he is calling this his "adventure" calendar.

Let the adventure begin...

On the first day of Christmas we made the classic chain to countdown to...
...New Year's Eve.
...New Year's Day.
...Matthew's 5th Birthday...his 5th birthday is the year that he says he will eat apples...(that is another post lol).

Proud teacher-mama watching him cut along the line. Such skills!

Good times.

On the second day of Christmas Matthew was supposed to learn about the Angel Tree program and head to the store to select an Angel and buy something. But our lil man-cub has a stomach bug. He hasn't held down anything all day (and he hasn't been eating or drinking much). So today, we spent quality time cuddling on the swing in the backyard until he fell asleep. Today was a sunshine vitamin D day. We'll take care of the Angel Tree donation when he feels better.  
Feel better man-cub.

He did eat the Hershey's kiss in today's package.

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