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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Adventures in Carrots part 2

Old fashioned fun.
Ever since Matthew was invited to his first friend birthday party from school he's been obsessed with turning 4.  In fact, we already have the #4 candle sitting on the counter because as he says, "We need it."  Today, we made a chain to count down the days until his birthday.  We included Christmas and New Years along the way but he is more excited about turning 4 than anything else.

Who is excited?
Now back to those carrots from my in-laws. Today's adventure in Beta Carotene.

Carrot and Potato Latke

There is nothing more beautiful than a purple onion!
Neither my camera nor my camera skills do it justice.

2 c. shredded carrots
1 c. shredded potatoes
3/4 c. purple onion
3/4 c. herbed bread crumbs
3 large eggs
salt, pepper, and garlic powder

Mix it up then drop by spoonful on to preheated pan with non-stick spray.  

Cookin' on cast iron - my Granny would be proud.

Three dozen latke later, I'm latke'd out but I have finished bag #1 of oversized carrots. I still have another bag of carrots in the refrigerator- oh no! Not to mention these beauties left in the teacher workroom free to a good home...

I have just the plan for these!  

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