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Friday, June 15, 2012

First blog post of 2012 is NUTS!

My BFF Kathy recently asked me, "What happened to your blog?" My response? "Life happened. I got busy with school and didn't have time to update it." I guess that was an acceptable answer because she didn't ask any more questions. 

I reflected on her question and my answer. I started blogging during a break from school. Blogging was supposed to be my effort to release my inner-self~ an outlet~ a chronicle of craftiness, baking, running, and writing. Admittedly more baking posts than anything else, so far (Yum). My intention was to blog to help balance the scales of being a wife, mother, teacher, writer, and wannabe runner. I intended to keep working on it each day, week, or month ~ intended to. Ahhh, good intentions and the road. What's that saying? The purpose of blogging for me, was to find balance. That did not happen. Plenty of intentions, not enough effort

Here it is June of 2012.  To start off the first post for 2012 (Did I mention, it's June, already?!), I give you the gifts I made for Father's Day. My sister saw the framed idea on She bought wooden letters and decorated them with sparkly jewels. Since I am not the 'sparkly jewels' type~ I opted to trace the letters on scrap booking paper. I like the idea and think the project came out just as cute! 
Gimme a D. A. D.
4x6 framed prints
The lids aren't finished yet. They're painted brown (and drying).
The middle jar will hold Dad's spare change.
~Made using recycled jars~

Happy Father's Day!

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